Why Are Social Media Marketers Using Giveaway Bot?

It is essential to understand that creating a social media contest or giveaway is one of the most efficient ways to reward loyalty and to maintain the number of converted leads.

It will help you boost brand awareness, which will ultimately bring you more visitors, potential customers and revenue. Everyone likes the idea of getting something free, which will eventually increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

By building a positive brand image, you will be able to gain points and increase word-to-mouth marketing, which is another crucial reason why you should start with a contest. 

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The question we want to ask ourselves is whether the implementation of chatbots can improve the effectiveness of giveaway contests on Facebook and other social media channels. 

We all know that chatbots are prominent in today’s marketing, especially since they are new and not used by everyone as other forms of digital marketing.

Let us start from the beginning.

What Are Chatbots?

Before we start talking about different contests you can create by implementing chatbots, it is vital to learn everything about them. By definition, chatbots are robots that can communicate by using pre-loaded answers in combination with artificial intelligence.

They are perfect ways to improve your customer support, to maintain the engagement without human factor, and to use them for marketing purposes as well. 

Marketers cannot handle everyday jobs without engaging social media, mainly since these places feature more people and engagements than other digital forms including email for instance.

Apart from the idea that influencer marketing reached its prominence in the last few years, the latest approach that marketers from all across the globe are adopting is the implementation of chatbots. 

Using them to increase web traffic and sales is straightforward and will provide you a new level of customer service so that you can boost your traffic. The overall marketing mix is a perfect way to assess four elements of marketing including place, price, product and promotion.

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Reasons to Implement Chatbots into Social Media Marketing Strategy


  • Intelligent Assistance 


Remember that your audience is mostly using social media channels to contact you because it is simple to use a communication channel that most of them can access from mobile devices and stable internet connection. 

You should consider two types of chatbots: artificial intelligence-powered ones and rule-based ones. 

Since rule-based ones require specific commands that you have to implement inside, most people will lose patience with them and give up as soon as they notice impersonal communication and lousy flow of conversation.

On the other hand, if you decide to make your bot smart, it means that you will maintain natural communication with customers, which will ultimately increase overall social media engagement.


  • Implement Them on All Platforms 


Everything started with Facebook Messenger chatbots that created a revolution when it comes to customer support and the ability to communicate with potential customers. 

However, today, you can find numerous platforms that will provide you the possibility to add chatbot so that you can improve overall customer service.

You can use it on WeChat, Slack, Kik, Twitter, and many other instant messengers and social media channels. You can also use tools that will provide you the possibility to build your chatbot without coding knowledge and in a matter of minutes.

We can differentiate numerous benefits and reasons why you should create customer support bot including:

  • It can work correctly with FB messenger, and it can send automatic messages to each person who comments your posts on-page.
  • It can push promotions and offers on-demand based on your current situation.
  • It can take orders directly from FB, which will reduce the hassle to your customers and bring them into sales funnel faster than other platforms.

Finally, messaging apps have become more popular and used than social media platforms in general. It means that consumer behavior is adapting, and the best way to assess them is by adding chatbots to your instant messengers.

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Have in mind that most bots nowadays are used for customer service purposes, because they can offer information such as weather updates based on IP or zip code, and many more. This may prove highly valuable to your audience because they will get quick info on everything they want.

At the same time, through it, you can generate proper data about your customers so that you can create a stable digital marketing campaign that will convert most visitors with ease. 

These bots will provide information and learn from customers by creating unique reports that you can use as an advantage. They can learn numerous things about your target customers including age, location, gender, and product preferences.

As an effect, you will be able to create a proper strategy that will reach your audience faster than before, especially since messaging apps are preferred communication channels.


  • Email Integration for Building Nurturing Strategies


Chatbots are perfect tools that you can integrate within the email as well so that you can develop and create excellent campaigns that will nurture your customers. 

Lead nurturing is the vital factor that will move leads into sales funnel, and chatbots will collect valuable data that you can use afterward to deliver wanted content to the audience and visitors.

Before creating this particular campaign, you should answer these questions:

  • Do you have relevant content to share with clients?
  • Do you have a target audience?
  • Do you have the proper goals you wish to achieve?

Customer engagement is the best way to determine what they wish to get, which will ultimately improve your chances of converting them in the long run.


  • Publish Content Directly


Finally, chatbots are useful distribution and marketing channels that will allow you to deliver personalized messages in combination with content to your audience with ease.

Each chatbot will distribute content to consumers based on their preferences and interests. This will help you drive traffic to your website and increase conversion rates as well.

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