What Video Games Should You Choose To Pass The Time During Confinement?

Relax, bingeing on Fortnite and other games during quarantine won ...

Everything is empty outside. The streets are deserted. The bars and restaurants are all closed, and it reigns like a small end-of-the-world atmosphere in all parts of France. Yes, you have perfectly understood, our magnificent and beautiful planet is in full pandemic , and as our dear president announced recently, we will be in confinement at home until at least mid-April  And since reading, storing or tele-working is super boring, playing video games obviously remains the best thing to do during this really special period! For this, I have kindly concocted all kinds of video games for you, to play with your family or solo , and to enjoy this strange period of confinement in complete relaxation. Let’s go !

Creation And Personalization Video Games

To finish with this selection of video games for containment, it is also worth mentioning a few titles that should excite your creative senses.. We then find Dreams , an amazing and incredible game that we also tested and which allows you to create your own games, or to test those of others. A great immersion in the world of artistic performance!

Video Games For Big Adventures

In addition to games to do with family, multiplayer or for their end of the world, confinement can also be a perfect opportunity to embark on fairly long games and adventures that are very engaging!

This is for example what we find in Red Dead Redemption 2 , where we follow the epic adventures of Arthur Morgan and his band of filthy and shabby bandits but just as engaging. In the middle of a huge and magnificent world, this game is surely one of the most beautiful ever! You can get more exciting games when you visit a Robux top up center (ร้าน เติม robux ,which is the term in Thai)