What are the most interesting IoT solutions to consider in 2022?


Coagulation of Microsoft-managed services of cloud that play the role of connecting, monitoring, and controlling many Internet of Things assets is Azure IoT Hub. In other words, an Azure IoT Hub contains one or more devices that communicate amongst back-end services hosted in the cloud.


Azure Internet of Things (IoT) Hub is a cloud service that is fully managed and allows reliable as well as safe communications in two directions between many IoT devices and a solution back end. Device-to-cloud telemetry data is responsible for telling us about the state of your devices as well as the assets.

 Azure IoT Hub supports as well as assists the standardized version 3.1.1 of the MQTT protocol.

In other words, data can be exchanged with the IoT Hub via MQTT. It prioritizes safe and secure communication with no delay whatsoever.

What are IoT solutions?

A version of various technologies in an integrated form including sensors is called IoT solutions. Any companies, organizations or certain groups can purchase these services to solve problems coming into their organization.

These include IoT device designers, software developers and product manufacturers needing to form and executive IoT ideas. That might include hardware IP and software Iot platforms.

It can also create millions of networks of IoT devices, this reduces the complexity and ensures device efficiency as well. This drives innovation across industries that look forward to growth opportunities.

IoT solutions to consider in 2022

Digital Transformation: The companies can now see and observe the value of digital tools for better communication by the benefits of increased consumer demands and shift to remote working.

The labor shortage and ongoing retirements currently have taken a toll on the number of employees. Therefore, the companies are now forced to meet greater demands for which they do not have equally great deadlines. A competitive edge must be maintained thoroughly by meeting customer expectations and enhancing innovations in technology.

The digital transformation as of today will drive GDP by 2023. Regardless of this, companies should have a plan for the implementation of tools related to digital transformation. There must be flexibility in technological innovations and wish to learn.

Accessible Asset Tracking: Asset tracking is driving IoT innovation in 2022.

In the immediate future of 2022, companies will see the decentralization of asset tracking as cost-effective solutions enter the market. Asset tracking will become easily accessible to small companies. This will, hence, increase the competition. Faster adaptation will be possible for smaller or mid-sized companies as compared to larger companies.

Asset tracking will keep on getting traction along with companies adopting it for more than one use case. This will be juxtaposed with enhanced utilization of returnable asset tracking. This helps companies to prevent and restrain themselves from any kind of loss and also help them manage inventory.

Supply Chain Solutions: The operations that are heading into the year 2022 are continually getting impacted by supply chain issues following the pandemic. A lesser labor force needs companies to take up new and innovative solutions and monitor the increasing demands of customers. Minimization of risks and improvements in resilience in the continued supply chain disruptions will be possible if companies adopt more and more IoT technologies.


In a world as quick and restless as we see today, one may come across the term MQTT protocol very often in their day-to-day lives. It has been over 2 decades since its advent and today, it is commonly used in various types of communication networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) being a very popular application for this protocol.

MQTT also has many advantages, some of them are mentioned here in this blog:

  • MQTT is highly reliable. It provides its users with features and opportunities for reliable messaging. It runs on TCP and uses QoS to provide stable and ensured data transfer.
  • Another factor that counts as a benefit of MQTT is its fast response time. It focuses on keeping the delays as negligible as possible.
  • MQTT also can support an unlimited and wide variety of devices.
  • It is perfect for many-to-many communication.
  • It is armed with sufficient documentation and a strong developer community that simplifies MQTT protocol implementation.


Azure IoT Hub is a one-stop solution for safe and reliable communications. IoT solutions can also establish millions of networks of IoT devices, this curtails the complicatedness and ensures device efficiency too.

This drives creation across businesses that wish for growth and development opportunities. Some topmost IoT solutions and trends to consider in 2022 are supply chain solutions, accessible asset tracking, digital transformation and so on.

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