The animation videos of the whiteboard are the most popular and attractive types of explanatory business videos. The animation video of the whiteboard provides more benefits than the traditional video. 

Let’s reveal only the softwares that puts a particular emphasis on whiteboard animation, and are best whiteboard animation software:- 

2. Doodly. 

 Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that allows users with different experiences and technical capabilities to create a total of easy and stack animation videos. The software has great libraries of items, and you can create videos using drag and drop without the need for complex settings, adjustment or editing. You can also create your items using Smart Doodle technology. This software is beginners friendly.


 • This blackboard animation software is easy to customize and edit video. 

 • This software will have many transitions of scene, letters and prop. 


 • An Internet connection is always required to execute this software. 

 2. DoodleMaker 

 Doodle Maker presents a technique that feels like something from the future. With this amazing software, you can convert text and simple content or complex into a really attractive video and colorful doodle. The best part can create these videos in the required language. 


 • It is one of the most powerful software because it uses artificial intelligence.  

 • Get access to multiple background for video creation in a single application. 


 • Doodle Maker is a cloud-based software that you need to have an active Internet connection to use. 


Unlike the video manufacturer of the previous chalkboard, the animator is an online tool and the flash must work effectively. The first user is not too complex.  It has built-in libraries from where you can import means to create a video at levels. You can also upload your priority image from your local hard drive for your project. You can preview the blackboard animation video scene on the scene before exporting Animaker video. 


 • This software has a wide range of infographics used. 

 • Customizable features can be customized and navigated easily.  


 • In some cases, the preview of video is delayed. 

 4. Explaindio:

 Explaindio allows the importation of images and GIF to projects. It turns them into the whiteboard video. However, Iclaindio is more complicated than video screaming. Time and effort to learn it. This is designed primarily for marketing purposes. It’s not free, but an essay is not included, but it is one of the best explanatory videos of animation software. This is the most cheaper animation software.


 • Borrow this software, can make unlimited videos in your daily life. 

 • This software is easy to use and you do not have to have experience using this software. 


 • This software is very slow, so experts may have problems with this.