Understanding the concept of MMR boosting in DOTA-2

DOTA is an integral part of the gaming community across the globe as it has one of the biggest player bases out of all the games and is unparalleled in the RPG category. DOTA-2 has got a rating system known as MMR or matchmaking ratings, according to which your opponents will be decided. Websites like https://dota2-boost.comhelp players to rank up easily by making highly skilled semi-pro and pro players play the game on your behalf.

According to professionals in DOTA-2, MMR is directly proportional to your skills. MMR is considered as a Quantitative representation of someone’s skill in the game. This statement is true but MMR does not consider qualitative data i.e. even if you are a great player individually but you are losing games due to the inexperienced team you will get low MMR.


MMR boost can be quite beneficial if you consider the time taken to rank up and the cost they charge. It’s a value for money service as ranking up unlocks a lot of new characters and powers. It will improve your stats drastically which will earn you the respect and attention of your game friends. The website protects your anonymity and will never disclose your details anywhere so that no one knows that you applied for a boost.

Are MMR boosting websites safe?

A lot of players doubt the authenticity of these services, but these services are completely safe. They have a list of certified players who will be connected to you over voice chat while they are playing the game on your behalf and they won’t reply to any in-game messages so, no one knows that someone else is playing on your behalf. Some players doubt that they may face a ban over their account if they avail this service which is completely untrue, as there haven’t been any cases of bans related to availing these services and also the terms and conditions of the game don’t say anything related to this as well.

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