Things You Should Do When Editing Your Photos

Here you have what you don’t have to do all of these all the time, but they are things you should think about, and also learn about Lightroom and Photoshop just like in for instance its some techniques and edits. Watch below:

1. Consider cropping your image – There is no requirement to respect your camera’s sensor’s size or aspect ratio. Cropping your photo to get a better framing can create a much greater visual impact for your image.

2. Adjust White Balance – Take time to make the optimum color adjustment. This is the key to defining the feeling of your photo, drastically changing its meaning.

3. Selective Exposure – Don’t be afraid to use editing tools to correct the exposure (lightening or darkening) to specific image areas.

4. Edit in 16bit – Edit in 16bit whenever possible and then convert back to 8bit to avoid problems like banding.

5. Level your photos – Use Facebook and lightroom tools to align photos with the horizon or correct lens distortions.

6. Take a break – Put work aside and get coffee or something else to rest your eyes and head. When you come back, you’ll see things you haven’t seen before.

Photo Tips You Should Know

Care Before The ISO Number

If you prefer not to use a flash, you should first open the aperture and then turn to the shutter speed and ISO setting. The following sentence warns of the noise from an ISO setting that is too high (depending on the camera from ISO 800 to 1600).

It Depends On The Point Of View

Sometimes it is better to change sides, look for a higher point, or bend your knees to get a good image section. A good image composition is sometimes the art of omission.

The Background Is Just As Important

The background of a picture should usually be calm and not too colorful. Otherwise, it will distract the viewer from the actual motif. The reverse rule applies to landscape shots because, to give the depth of the shot, the following sentence is correct: Foreground makes the image healthy.

Photo Tip: Rawkost

If your digital camera can save images in RAW format, i.e., uncompressed, you should use this. This makes it much easier to edit your pictures later on the computer.

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