Texting Etiquette: 2022

The prominence of social media platforms and remote work set up during the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed how we communicate with each other. Texting is now one of the preferred ways of communicating and interacting with others. People once used phone calls, letters, and emails for conversations, and today, we have now switched to texting in mobile SMS, social media, and instant communication applications. 

Amid this transformation, the traditional texting etiquettes have become difficult to follow, especially for some organizations that are using different text messaging apps for business communications and recording text messages for compliance. 

Essential questions related to texting etiquette are not addressed nowadays, such as whether it is appropriate to keep a text message unanswered and the boundaries in the workplace when sending a message to colleagues and superiors. According to numerous experts, people need to know the new texting etiquette to survive amid the changes that continue to occur.

Using text messaging for business-related communication and Verizon SMS archiving has significantly grown. Employees must know the texting boundaries before conversing with employees or supervisors through text messages. Some examples include considering if the recipient prefers texting over phone calls and discussing the right time to respond to a text. Once these boundaries are identified, it is crucial to stick to them as much as possible. 

Additionally, texting etiquette is essential for organizations that record text messages, such as Verizon text archiving for text messaging compliance. The correct meaning of the text enables compliance officers to understand the real meaning of the conversations they are looking for. Many organizations that would allow employees to use personal phones for work-related communication purposes need to record text messages. While organizations must encourage employees to use new texting etiquette, they must also understand how to archive these text messages in compliance with text messaging regulations.

For more details about texting etiquette, here is an infographic from TeleMessage.


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