Some examples of cold emailing and why they work?

What is the most important goal of cold emailing? To ensure that your email is read. So, what should the primary purpose of your opening sentence be? The surprising solution is to make the second phrase readable. Each line of a cold call email should urge the reader to continue reading until you reach your conclusion. There are tried-and-true methods for this.

For years, copywriters have employed basic scientific concepts of persuasion and influence to develop various writing approaches that consistently entice people to read their content.

These formulas are simply effective and may halt individuals in their tracks and push them to read your cold email.

The top and best formulas we’ve seen in real-world cold email examples are listed below. Give them a try and observe what effect they have on your response rates.

Meaning Of Cold Emailing

The act of sending an email to another person whom you don’t know in order to build a commercial relationship is known as cold emailing. If you haven’t had any prior interaction with the recipient and there is no relationship, the email is “cold.”

Some proven examples of cold emailing and why they work.

Before-and-After-Bridge (BAB)

Begin your personalized email by outlining a relevant problem to your audience, followed by a discussion of the differences the world would have if that problem did not exist. Finally, explain how your product/idea/service can help the issue to get resolved.

Why it works: According to behavioral psychologists, humans are motivated to act by two factors: pleasure and pain. The BAB formula uses this universal trigger to encourage readers to respond.

PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve) Problem

Instead of visualizing life without the problem (the “After”), PAS points out the hazards on the route from A to B point and shows how your product is the weapon they require to win.

Why it works: Pain motivates people more than pleasure. People like to avoid inconvenience, hassles, and extra burdens.

But You Are Free

You’re looking at one of the most powerful persuasion techniques available. Make a request, then tell your prospect, “but you are free to do whatever you want.”

Why it works: Giving someone an option increases the likelihood of saying yes—42 psychological research on over 22,000 people back up this practical, persuasive strategy.


Begin your introduction with a catchy phrase. To increase credibility and turn attention into interest, create a chain of supporting facts, sources, and benefits. Then entice them with a call to action that streamlines the required process.

Why does it work? The chain is the most important component of this cold email marketing method. You have a better chance of influencing someone to act if you include evidence points that offer credibility to your case.

Attention – Interest – Want – Action (AIDA)

Captivate the reader’s attention. Make it personal in order to pique their interest. Create a desire for what you’re selling. And then request an answer.

Why does it work? The subject and opening phrase entice the reader by posing a pertinent and crucial question. 

Best cold emailing software you can opt for

WoodPecker: Woodpecker is a communication tool that enables users to send customized, tailored messages to their recipients. It includes many automation and analytics capabilities to help you make the most of your emails.

Outplay: Outplay communicates using various media, including email, SMS, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The goal is to strengthen sales procedures and contacts with prospects in order to turn them into satisfied customers. Among the features are a dialer from the browser, the ability to interface with chatbots, and productivity tools.

Reply: Reply is a renowned cold emailing software that enables you to increase money faster by automating various processes, from email searches to WhatsApp chats. Its goal is to eliminate excessive everyday work so that your team may focus on creating sales.

SmartReach: SmartReach is an all-in-one cold emailing software designed to accelerate growth. Prospects can be easily added, outreach and workflows can be automated, extensive and relevant statistics can be accessed, and collaboration with other team members is simple.

Mixmax: Mixmax is a sales-focused cold emailing software. It has many features geared toward this objective, such as easy calendar sharing, accurate tracking, and the ability to embed polls and surveys in emails.

Final Words 

If you are looking for those, as mentioned above, cold emailing software, Smartrr is the best platform for you. Smartrr believes in offering high-quality cold emailing software at a reasonable price and excellent customer support. These cold email copywriting tactics have been tested and confirmed to fascinate, enthrall, and persuade audiences. Find a formula that works for your prospects and save it as a cold email template for future usage.