Social Media – A World of Entertainment

Internet has become a very essential thing for everyone in today’s generation. Internet is used not only for entertainment purposes but also used for business, recreational and educational purposes. Internet is not only used by kids for making projects or gathering information but is also used by giant MNC’s for doing their business activities.

But now in this generation social media has also become a part people’s life all over the world. Social media is not only used by teenagers but also used by people above the age group of 30 years not only for making networks but also used as very important tool for marketing as well as branding, for small and big businesses. Social Media marketing as compared with the offline marketing process is very cost effective.

There are 6 types of Social Media:

· Social Networks

· Social Bookmarking Sites

· Social News

· Media Sharing

· Microblogging

· Blog Comments and Forums

Social Networks: Social networking websites have become very important for not only connecting/making networks but also for marketing as well as branding. In these social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut etc a user can make his profile and connect to people he knows like in Facebook. A user can make friends as well can get access to some good apps and do branding and marketing as well, in LinkedIn a professional person can create his profile, exchange information among all the professional people and connect to people in the same industry. Thus people have got so addicted to these social networking sites that people spend about 3-4 hours daily.

Social Bookmarking Sites:This service of social bookmarking sites is used to save, organize as well manage links to various websites. It provides many useful features like an individual can tag his links so that it becomes very easy for searching on the internet. Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit etc are available which provide such services.