Safety is necessary for welding process:

There is no real benefit of a technique if it is not safe. Ensuring safety is required in every industrial scale. This not only protects the lives of humans but also enhances the quality of the product. The process of welding involves complex steps. It involves the use of very intense flame of heat. Only a technician or a skilled professional should carry out the process. A learner should only be allowed to do welding under the supervision of a professional.

  • Welding gloves must be worn to protect the person form any sort of mishap.
  • Proper welding helmets must be used. Dark helmets help you to protect your eyes from excessive light.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher near you. It will be of great use.

Welding helps to build the economy of a country:

The process of welding is involved wherever there is the use of metals. Metals come from natural sources. Metals are widely used in our daily lives. Metals are also important for making many types of tools and instruments. The usage of metals is still increasing rapidly. The process of welding helps us to make complex shapes and objects from metals. Silicon transformers are used in inverter welding machine [เครื่อง เชื่อม อิน เวอร์ เตอร์, which is the term in Thai].  It also helps to combine different types of metals. Thus, it enhances the use of metals. Therefore, it helps us to build the economy of a country. It plays a great role here.

The applications of welding are vast:

Welding is being used in many places. Its applications are not limited to just making vehicles. Welding is being used to make bridges. Welding plays a great role in the construction industry. It is also used in making the track for trains. It is also used in making the trains. It is also being used to make aircrafts. Just have a look around yourself, and you will find that welding is used at more places than you think. The welding machine for stainless [ตู้ เชื่อม ส แตน เล ส, which is the term in Thai] is a modern machine that makes the life of joint much longer.

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