Most Important Household Items That Require Batteries

When it comes to household management, putting together a list of the most important household items that you will need for everything from cooking to cleaning is an essential first step. Every home needs to be equipped with the appliances that make housekeeping easier. However, this is only half the battle. You may also have to decide upon how they are to be powered. In the majority of cases, the ever-efficient power outlet will be sufficient. It is a very poorly designed kitchen, for example, that does not include power outlets in easily accessible locations.

But many items that you can expect to use around the home cannot actually be connected to power outlets – they require batteries instead. It might not seem like a major part of any household budget, but there is little more irritating that not having the batteries to hand for the appliances that you need. In this sense, batteries are themselves essential household items. For efficient home keeping, you should compile a list of the items that require batteries, and then make sure you have a plentiful supply of these batteries.

Consider Rechargeables

So, in order to avoid having a home full of appliances that simply do not work, you are going require batteries – typically AA and AAA batteries. In the past, this meant that batteries were on the shopping list at every third or fourth trip to the grocery store. Today though, rechargeable batteries are becoming an effective solution for more and more household needs.

We have the development of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery to thank for this. Although not a new technology, lithium-ion batteries have now been developed to such a point to make possible many new innovative household battery solutions, such as the lithium-ion rechargeable smart batteries produced by Pale Blue Earth. These batteries boast massively increased efficiency and hours of use on a single charge. Such technology is putting an end to the constant need to purchase new batteries for the range of essential household products that require them 

Household Items that Need Batteries 

But before you go out to stock up on batteries – rechargeable or otherwise – you should know just what you are using them for. Indeed, there are many more useful household items that are battery powered. Here are some of the most useful:

Wireless Doorbells 

Older doorbells could often be temperamental, prone to frequently breaking down, and requiring a system of inner wall wiring to properly install. Wireless doorbells have put an end to all of this, and they can be installed with the minimum of effort. 

Remote Controls 

Remote controls are one of the more well-known battery-requiring items but gone are the days when they were only required for the television. Today, items such as the music player, the radio, and even electric shutters require remotes.

Game Controllers 

This one may not immediately seem like a household item at all – let alone an essential one. But given the popularity of video games today, if you have children or teenagers about your household, you are going to need the batteries to power their game controllers. 


Flashlights are most commonly used during black outs, and in such cases their status as an essential item becomes obvious. Naturally, they cannot rely on mains power. 

Cordless Phones 

Cordless phones normally come with their own chargers, but they nearly always require batteries that need to be inserted before the thing will work. Having batteries around for this purpose is essential. 

Rechargeable or otherwise, batteries are becoming more – not less – of a household essential. And all these incredibly useful appliances demonstrate this well.