Know How To Choose The Most Accurate Geolocation Database

Choosing a Geolocation Database 

The geolocation IP address is available through many sources. Many companies provide you with information for a price. Your IP address is not just your computer router number. The address today can be purchased with detailed information about your location and you.

The geolocation pricing with IP service providers is based on the package you obtain. The amount of information available is phenomenal. Various IP service providers have just gone to version 2. This update has increased the amount of information available. The database accuracy is not only confined up to the city or country level but provides information upto street level. The accuracy of the data depends on the provider. The data sets are updated monthly.

The Geolocation pricing is different for each package.

The basic package has information about the free package plus added information. The basic package from different sources offers a free trial. This package has GPS coordinates, country, state, and time zone. It included weather, internet, and threat level. There are 10,000-50,000 requests a day and core package ad to the base package. It gives more detailed information. It gives ISP and connection data detail. There are 200,000-1,000,000 requests a day. The extended package takes all of the information on the core and adds to it. The type of information added is security data, proxy, and crawler detection. There are unlimited requests. Geolocation pricing varies.

Various IP providers give a comprehensive geolocation database

The database is accurate. The database adds new records daily. The web tool has a free bookmarklet program. The company offers free web tools to assist the client with the database. The program offers a bookmark toolbar. It also offers a geolocation web tool. The program offers country flags to the website. Different IP database providers offer database analytics to help its clients.

The client has numerous help in getting started with their search. They have an API client library where the client has autofill and JavaScript, which can perform batch queries. The client can get IP details. They can show how to use AS details and API key. The dashboard is user-friendly.

The company recommends the client/customer upgrade to version 2. It is safe to upgrade from version 1x. The client will not break legacy code. The client will be able to enjoy the new features. Version 2 new features include batch queries of 32 queries for the user, the client with paid batch 256 queries for request. The client will have located the names of places. The new version gives country and continent. It can provide phone prefixes, currency, language, and zip code.

The client with JavaScript is instructed on how to enable and use it. The client can enable the API dashboard. The client can edit on JSFiddle. The client has the ability to autofill forms. The user can use geolocation. The program user can enable numerous resources on the dashboard.

Many companies provide services for geolocation services. These platforms that provide service can give minimum information. They can provide complex information. The complex information can include county, city, state, zip, and more. Some companies offer information for various types of information that a customer receives and those who are interested in geolocation and IP information. 

One company that stands out with consumer products is DB-IP, its website at The company has friendly user software. They have different packages. You need to go to their website to enroll as a client for a free trial period.