Digital Marketing Strategies For Successful Hotels

It could be said that any journey begins on the Internet. Virtually all travelers make a previous search on the web that includes inquiries about interesting places to visit, activities, airline tickets, and, of course, accommodation. In any business, but more in the tourism sector, not being on the Internet is almost equivalent to not existing. That is why we have compiled most important points to consider if we want to draw up a solid and lasting marketing strategy for hotels that loyalty customer:

To Update The Contents

It is not enough to have a Google My Business listing and profiles on Facebook and TripAdvisor. It is essential not to put them aside and update them when we make changes to our business, such as changes in the contact number or renovations in the facilities.  To establish a good social media strategy for hotels, it is not only important how often we upload content, but also it’s quality in general. Especially in the case of the hospitality industry, first impressions are crucial, and we can give the best impression through captivating and very good quality images that show our best face.

Optimize SEO

Before starting to explain why SEO is important, we should explain what it is since there are still those who are not familiar with the term. The so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of actions that are performed on a web page by the SEO company ( which is the term in Thai) with the aim of being among the top positions in search engines. Several studies show that the first position in Google takes 33% of clicks; This percentage drops to 17% in the case of the second position and continues to fall to 1% in the case of the second page. These data, we believe, speak for themselves and perfectly show why we have to keep SEO optimization in mind. This sector has a lot of competition in Google, mainly due to the large travel booking directories and tourism blogs, which take the top positions due to its web authority and a large amount of content published periodically. However, developing a good professional positioning strategy for the hotel is an attainable challenge and worth investing in.

Think Mobile

The use of the smartphone to surf the Internet has already surpassed the desktop computer, and this trend can also be applied to hotel searches and reservations, where mobile use grows every year (reached 40% in 2017). When designing our website, we may be interested in applying the philosophy of Mobile First, that is to say, first of all, think of the smallest device to go to the desktop, not the other way around.

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