Different types of IoT platforms


A multi-layer technology that is used to manage and automate connected devices is known as the IoT platform. This platform will give you the services to link the machines for machine-to-machine communication under IoT solutions

In other words, it is a service that helps you bring physical objects online under an IoT platform.


A simple data visualization will provide the first insights into your IoT solution. Use built-in data visualization for a direct overview of the data from your device, easily connect to a dashboard builder such as Grafana or use one of our direction integrations to Azure IoT Hub and other advanced visualization tools.

IoT platforms:

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud provides a multi-layered secure infrastructure. It helps in improving operational efficiency under the IoT platform. 


  • Machine learning capabilities for any IoT need.
  • Real-time business insights for globally dispersed devices under IoT solutions.
  • AI capabilities.
  • Local intelligence. It supports a wide range of embedded operating systems under the IoT platform.


OpenRemote is a 100% open-ended IoT platform to generate a wide range of applications under the IoT platform. They are embraced in larger professional IoT applications, e.g., energy management and crowd management.


  • Other protocols, such as KNX or Modbus
  • Indicators for provisioning, automating, controlling, and monitoring your application and Web UI components to build project-specific apps.
  • Edge Gateway solution to link multiple instances with a central management instance under the IoT platform.

IRI Voracity

Voracity is a fast, low-cost platform for data discovery, integration, migration, and governance under the IoT platform.

And analytics that can change, report, and swing device data streaming through MQTT.

Voracity has a small-footprint data manipulation engine for fast aggregation on end, plus an accumulated Eclipse IDE for metadata-driven, graphical data combination and analytics under IoT solutions.


Connects to and integrates sensors, logs, and many other data sources under the IoT platform.


Particle provides IoT solutions for hardware, connectivity, device cloud, and apps under the IoT platform.


  • It will give a robust and reliable framework.
  • Anyone can use this platform—no need for expertise.
  • It provides firewall-protected exposure.
  • Data is accommodated with anything using REST API.
  • It gives an all-in-one hardware, software, and connectivity solution under the IoT platform. There will be no need to reinvest time in integrating IoT solutions.


It assists in managing the development lifecycle for IoT apps.

It gives the flexibility to arrive at data and IoT from on-premise, off-premise, and hybrid environments under the IoT platform. ThingWorx will provide you with enhanced uptime, decreased costs, role-based visibility, and control, and improved compliance under IoT solutions.


  • Connect devices.
  • Analyze data.
  • Build and deploy solutions under the IoT platform.
  • Industrial IoT and application data are accessible from on-premise web servers, off-premise cloud applications, and hybrid environments.

IBM Waston IoT

This platform will help you capture and investigate the data for devices, machines, and equipment and understand better decisions under the IoT platform.

This platform will enable you to optimize operations and resources. Providing the correct business perceptions and bidirectional communication facility will help increase revenue to a great extent under IoT solutions.


  • AI and Analytics.
  • Domain expertise.
  • It provides flexible solutions under IoT solutions.
  • It provides security.
  • It captures real-time data.
  • It includes analytics service as an add-on under the IoT platform.

Amazon AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core will assist you in connecting devices to the cloud. It is managed cloud service. AWS IoT Core will allow devices to communicate with the cloud and interact with other devices and cloud applications under the IoT platform. It supports HTTP, lightweight communication protocol, and MQTT under IoT solutions.


  • It can process a massive amount of notes.
  • It is an authentic and secure platform to route messages to AWS endpoints and other tools.
  • It allows fast access to your devices.

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

This IoT solution is considered for different industry requirements. It provides results for remote observing, predictive maintenance, Smart spaces, and connected products under IoT solutions. 

It is utilized in manufacturing, transportation to retail under the IoT platform.


  • Beginners, as well as experts, can use it.
  • There are two solutions: IoT SaaS and open-source IoT templates.

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect is a motility cloud-based software suite under the IoT platform. This IoT solution is for mobile operators. 


  • It provides renewals for every stage of the network under the IoT platform.
  • IoT security provides the benefits of guarding the control system against human errors and attacks, increased visibility and control by defending against malware and intrusion, and centralized security controls.

Altair SmartWorks

Altair SmartWorks provides an end-to-end IoT platform. It gives a platform as a service under IoT solutions. It will help you connect devices, collect data, manage them, and build and run the app under the IoT platform. 

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