Blue Light Filter and Night Mode

The evolving world has given rise to the development of technology which has brought the world and its living beings across the globe closer together despite the geographical distance. Electronic devices are the best proof for the development of technology.

Nowadays most of our daily activities reply on our smart devices. Whether it is working, studying, banking or even paying bills, literally everything we do on a daily basis entirely relies on our smart devices. It is of course extremely advantageous to serve all our purposes on one single platform, but does this also cause some troublesome issues to humankind? I am afraid so, it does. Since people tend to spend long hours working on their smart phones looking into their screens, especially nowadays since our lives have been switched to online platforms, people have found to depict more eye related issues more than ever. Long hours of screen time re4sults in eye fatigue and eye muscle strain that results in many adverse side effects such as irritation, dry eyes, headaches, double vision and also concentration difficulties.

There are many blue light filter applications available on Android app store like AC Market. Check reviews, stars and download amount to get an idea about that application before installation.

Best Android Eye Care App

It is extremely mandatory that this major issue is being addressed in the current society which needs an immediate solution that will be beneficial for all humankind across the globe. One may wonder if screen protective glasses will solve the problem. But for how long?

Wearing glasses or contacts could also result in eye fatigue and many issues due to one continuing to strain their eyes. This digital eyestrain can be avoided up to a large percentage with the use of the android app Night shift, which is a blue light filter that also includes dark mode which helps protect your eyes and its muscles from screen light flux. Android blue light filter will adjust the brightness of your screen to comfort your vision in the best way possible. If you’re not satisfied with the level of dimming, it offers a tool to customise the level of dark filter so that you can suit as per your preference.

This will indeed help you from all those unbearable headaches and insomnia at night. Reducing the intensity of brightness with the aid of a blue light will reduce the burden on your eye muscles and help your eyes focus better and help you to have better concentration. The automatic filter schedule feature available on the app allows you to set a time when you want the night mode to be turned on and thereafter will be automatically turned on at the start of the application. ‘Health is Wealth’, so why strain your eyes and ruin your vision when you have an amazing app for absolutely free just at your fingertips, ready to save your eyes!

This is a background running application. Low-end and mid-range device may affect performance. If you face serious performance down on your device with this application, use performance booster application like clean master, nox cleaner, ccleaner, avg cleaner, etc. Those applications can find background apps and services that affect device performance and optimize them to boost Android phone speed. Click here to install best Android performance booster app.