Tiger Text – If Only Tiger Woods Had This Cell Phone Application

How Does Tiger Text work?

Tiger Text is basically a service that will handle all of your text messages. A software application that runs on your phone will be needed for both the person sending the text and the person receiving the text. When a message is sent out you can specify an expiration of the text that you send out. Once the expiration of the text runs out it is deleted from the senders phone, the recipient;s phone, and the server, leaving no trace of the text message at all. The application also does not allow you to copy any of the texts. Another option for the text is the set it as “delete upon reading”, which delete the message once it is read.

What cell phones is it available on?

Currently the application runs on the iPhone and iPod touch; however, it will soon be available for use on the Blackberry and Android.

Was Tiger Text Named After Tiger Woods?

Just a month after Tiger Woods had his troubles with his text messages coming back to haunt him,a new cell phone software is named “Tiger Text” (that could have been used to save him from some of the text message evidence he had left behind) gets launched. Is the just a coincidence or is this just good marketing?

According to the developers of the application, they have settled on the name “Tiger Text” for a long time in the making before the whole “Tiger Woods” incident. The tiger is supposed to be representation of covering your own tracks. The application itself shows paw print tracks after a message is deleted that indicates that your message no longer has a trail.

I find this to be all too convenient, however I suppose it is plausible. Maybe they did just run into a stroke of luck in their marketing campaign.

Is Tiger Text free?

This application is currently offering a 15 day and 100 text messages trial version for free in order to try out their application. There plan is to charge $1.49 for 250 messages sent per month and $2.49 per month for unlimited messages after that. This comes out to be around $18 per year. For some people that is a small price to pay for their privacy.

With the rise of technology the there has been a fall in privacy. However, with this new application technology has given the users an option to protect their privacy rights.