Who Owns Cubamax


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who owns cubamax

Why choose cubamax?

Cubamax ofrece una gran variedad de servicios a nuestros clientes. Somos una agencia de viajes y envíos que ofrece soluciones completas en su viaje a Cuba. Nuestro principal objetivo es que disfrute de su viaje sin preocupaciones de reservas de vuelos, autos, hoteles y demás servicios que podemos proveerle.

What is the address for cubamax Travel Inc?

Known Addresses for Cubamax Travel Inc. 1187 W 37th St Hialeah, FL 33012 Corporate Filings for Cubamax Travel Inc. Florida Department of State

What is cubamax TV?

The idea of ​​CubaMax TV is from the Spanish company Idaobex Living. The satellite TV company Dish Network has 14 million subscribers in the US and, with the addition of this new channel, aims to not only address Cuban Americans, but also to reach Hispanic residents in that country, a market well covered by large cultural industry corporations.

How much did cubamax charge for pacakge to Cuba?

On May 1st I sent a pacakge to Cuba. Cubamax was advertising a promotion of 18 dollars per puound with 1 month delivery estimate. After 1 month I contacted the agency, and they asked me to continue waiting, in three more opportunities I called the agency for an answer and they don't provide any other response other than continue waiting.

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