Who Is Faster Sonic Or Shadow


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who is faster sonic or shadow

Is Sonic stronger than shadow?

They're both supposed to be very equal in speed, Sonic is a LITTLE bit faster than Shadow but barley, while Shadow is a little bit stronger than Sonic Read a comic. Sonic is faster. He's the fastest thing alive.

Who's stronger, Sonic or shadow?

Overall, shadow is smarter, stronger, more skilled, has more potential, and is better with the chaos force then Sonic, the only thing Sonic has on him is a slight speed edge as admitted by shadow himself in sonic chronicles.

Whose better shadow or Sonic?

But still Sonic is my favourite. Sonic is the strongest and best of all three.Silver and Shadow but are stronger and have better skills, they get tired faster, Sonic does not have that kind of inconvenience, and if they fight against Sonic at a time and leave him dying, he would use his secret weapon :

Who is more powerful super sonic or Super Shadow?

Sonic is just a bit faster, Shadow is stronger but can’t land a hit, in my head canon anyway. Shadow is a trained fighter (thanks to Gerald Robotnik/GUN. Sonic is an unpredictable fighter who’s self-taught and highly experienced. It’s close but Sonic wins. Except in the Boom tv series where Sonic is beneath Shadow’s interest.

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