Who Emphasized That We Repress Anxiety Arousing Memories


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who emphasized that we repress anxiety arousing memories

Where did the idea of memory repression come from?

It sounds simple enough, but the concept of memory repression is a controversial one that experts have long debated. Where did the idea come from? The idea of memory repression dates back to Sigmund Freud in the late 1800s. He began developing the theory after his teacher, Dr. Joseph Breuer, told him about a patient, Anna O.

What is repressed memory therapy?

Despite the controversy surrounding repressed memories, some people offer repressed memory therapy. It’s designed to access and recover repressed memories in an effort to relieve unexplained symptoms. Practitioners often use hypnosis, guided imagery, or age regression techniques to help people access memories.

What was Freud's theory of repressed memories?

Repressed memories were a cornerstone of Freud ’s psychoanalytic framework. He believed that people repressed memories that were too difficult to confront, particularly traumatic memories, and expelled them from conscious thought. This idea launched an enduring controversy in the field of psychology.

Does repression cause anxiety?

However, while repression might initially be effective at calming these difficult emotions, it can lead to greater anxiety down the road. 1 Freud believed that repression could lead to psychological distress. Repression is often confused with suppression, another type of defense mechanism.

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