What should you avoid during resume preparation?

Resume creation needs care

You may be thinking that resume will not make a difference in interviews or get you a job. But a perfect resume is capable of getting you hired without even opening your mouth. All you need to do is to prepare a resume that has all the elements to get hired by the employer. However, you should have the skills and experience to get a job. But you can make sure that if you have the experience, you would not fail in the interview with a better resume. You can find resume templates online to help you. Let us discuss some of the errors to avoid during the process.

Grammatical errors

The worst thing to do while creating a resume is writing with grammatical errors. You are applying for a job, and the employers will expect you to be perfect in your work. If you are unable to check and prepare your resume without errors, how could you expect them to hire you by placing their trust in you? Most of the people failing in all attempts would be weak in the writing part, and they think that writing perfectly will not make a difference. Apart from indicating your inefficient writing skills, it will also project you like you are not caring about getting a job. It will lead to misjudgement of your character and rejection. There are several online free tools to make your resume grammatically perfect. 

Being generic with your achievements

If you are writing a resume, you should be clear about expressing yourself and your work in the best way possible. Every sentence you write should provide a lot of information, and they should be specific. If you are saying that you have worked in a digital marketing company, you should clearly explain what is your role in that company. Did you run the PPC campaigns or managed the SEO processes for the clients? You have to be more specific in your writing. If you generically mention your achievements and experience, even more, valuable things can also go unnoticed on the go.  

Being generic with companies

You would be applying to several companies and different job roles at once. It is okay to apply to several jobs, but you should consider creating different and customized resumes for each organization. Every company will be somewhat different from others, and you should express your interest in the uniqueness by explaining those features in a different resume. If you are going with the same resume for all the companies without any changes, you would seem like an interest-less person, and they will find out that you are applying with the same resume everywhere. 

Duties over achievements

You would have told me about your job profile in the description itself. So, if you are again explaining your duties instead of showcasing your expertise and achievements in the work, you would end up ignored. So, try to highlight your achievements and talk a little about your job description.