Rolandas Juodvalkis Who Is He


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rolandas juodvalkis who is he

What was Rolandas Juodvalkis'cause of death?

"In Loving Memory Rolandas Juodvalkis," it read. No cause of death was revealed. A Facebook page lists a Rolandas Juodvalkis with a hometown of Santa Monica, California, and a birthplace of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Is Rolandas Juodvalkis on Instagram?

Is Rolandas Juodvalkis on Instagram? From the tribute paid to Rolandas Juodvalkis on The Bachelorette viewers are unable to find out who he was, his age, or anything else – apart from that he was something to do with the ABC show. Rolandas did have an Instagram account @rolandasjuodvalkis however the account doesn’t have any posts.

What happened to Rolandas on ‘the bachelorette?

It’s most likely that Rolandas was a key member of the behind-the-scenes crew on the Bachelorette series. He may have even been working for ABC for many years. If more details on Rolandas’ death are released, we will be sure to update you here.

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