How To Use A Frying Pan As A Beginner

The pans are displayed at the point of sale ready to use, you can simply wash them with a little water to remove the possible accumulated dust. However, if you want your pans to last longer, be better preserved and maintain the properties with which they are manufactured as long as possible, do not lose sight of these tips to achieve it.

Tips To Make Your Pans Last Longer

  • The pans that you find in the market are marked with stickers inside the same that gives reference to the model, its type of manufacture or the characteristics of the piece in question, how can it be the type of kitchen for which the pan or size is valid.
  • The first thing to do when arriving home is to remove the adhesivesbefore putting the Stainless steel pan (กระทะ ส แตน เล ส which is the term in thai) on the heat source. These vinyl are easy to remove without using knives or sharp objects that can scratch the surfaces and spoil the bottom of the pan. If adhesive remains, these can be removed with a cloth or paper soaked in alcohol.
  • Removed the stickers we take the pan to the sink where we wash the piece with warm water, neutral dish soap and a sponge that does not scratch the bottom of the piece.

We can then proceed to the “cure” of the pan. This is to put the pan (roasters or pebbles) on the fire in a minimum degree of heat for a couple of minutes with a little oil in the bottom. Once hot, remove and let temper. Once the piece has cooled, discard the oil and wash again in warm water with neutral soap. Then, rinse with plenty of warm water and dry immediately with a soft cloth to prevent lime stains from forming. Buy a Cute rice box (กล่อง ข้าว น่า รัก which is the term in thai) to go with it.