How Do You Clone Your Hard Drive?

Cloning is the best way to keep everything on your device. Clones are more secure than file-based backups. They copy your operating system, preferences, and all of your files and folders.

Cloning your hard drive might be a good idea if you need to prevent a system crash, disaster, or theft. You might also want to preserve your settings and software when you buy a new device. A clone will save you the time of searching for old passwords or reinstalling your applications and programs.

No matter what your purpose for cloning is, you will need to have a few things. This “how-to” will help you understand cloning and walk you through each step.

What Is Cloning?

Cloning provides the best protection for all content on your device. Cloning is more than just saving specific files and folders. It creates a carbon copy of your operating systems, preferences, software, and all of your files and other folders. Cloning software can be used to recover from a disaster or theft and can also be used to upgrade to new computers.

The Benefits Of Cloning

Cloning software allows you to rest easy knowing that no matter what problem you have, it won’t matter how big or small. Cloning has many benefits:

  • Never lose your software or your preferences
  • Protection against the most severe disasters
  • This is the perfect solution if your goal is to upgrade your hardware but still keep your software.

Why Should I Clone A Hard Drive?

Here are the reasons to clone your computer:

Multiple Computers Can Be Set Up With The Same Configurations

If you are an IT professional who has multiple computers to set up, cloning works well. This is also a great option for home users who want to set up a computer for their children or partners.

Keep Your Software And Settings Intact With A Computer Upgrade

Cloning is a great option if you want to upgrade your device, but still love how it is set up. You can retain your settings, software, and operating system. This will give you a faster computer with fewer changes on the back end.

A Backup May Not Cover Everything On A Device

Cloning protects everything on your device. You might lose valuable information if you only have a backup. Your information will be safe with a backup.

How Do You Clone Your Hard Drive In Windows?

It takes just a few steps to create a clone from a hard drive using Windows 10. We are here to help you.

Purchase A Second Hard Disk

First, you need a larger hard drive than your current one. This will store your clone.

Double-Check That Your Drive Is Properly Formatted

You must format your drive before you can create a copy on a new drive.

Select Cloning Software

There are many solutions to choose from. You must look for one from a reputable company with a lot of experience in backing up and cloning devices. These companies will offer the best solutions and have many resources available to assist you if you encounter a problem. 

Make Your Clone

You’re almost done once you have your new hard disk and a cloning program. Once you have connected your new drive and started the software, the next steps are easy. Follow these steps to create your copy.

Protect Your Clone

This is an important step that many people overlook. Your computer and your clone should not be kept in the same place. A disaster such as a fire or a flood could cause both to become extinct. Your clone should be kept in a different place than its original.